Autus Growth can supply its various products in 1000 litre flobins, 200 litre drums, 25 litre polycans or in bulk.

The key applications for the products currently are:

  • A potassium humate based coating for the management of urea
  • A potassium fulvate based coating with micro elements for the management of phosphate based products
  • A potassium humate based liquid binder and coating for granulated lime and gypsum
  • A filvic acid based product for use in foliar and liquid fertilizers
  • A fulvic and humic acid based product as an additive to seed dressings
  • A fulvic acid based chelator for use in land rehabilitation

Research is being conducted to assess the benefits of using the various products of Autus Growth in a crop chemical formulations (insecticides and herbicides) and animal feeds.